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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

As we transition into the second half of this spectacular year, I feel called to share revelations I have had in relation to our favourite cousin: KARMA.

There are many spiritual beliefs that practice and discuss the concept of Karma but it is far simpler than right vs. wrong, good vs. bad.

Often, the word 'Karma' triggers feelings of negativity and fear, assuming that the word instigates a taking gesture. But this is not always correct. Below is how to better understand Karma and how to use Karma to your advantage...

1. (what you) GIVE = (what you) TAKE.

Understand that Karma represents balancing equations in the universe, as we know it. In order to receive something, you must first give something. The question I will then ask you is what have you given the universe lately?

Many people find that they are being given 'the short-end of the stick' but fail to recognise how their own actions, thoughts & behaviours have led to this outcome. Following this theory, by giving positive actions, thoughts & behaviours to yourself and others, you will in turn receive positive actions, thoughts & behaviours from yourself and others.

2. Karma Is Personal.

This is something for those of us who feel invested / obligated / responsible for another person's Karmic situation. Has your love interest fallen for another? Is your sister struggling to land her dream job? Does your friend call you constantly about her relationship problems?

It is important to remember that Karma is personal and it is not your responsibility to 'fix' another person's karmic situation.

While our own Karma may involve us needing to balance out our connections with other people, it is important to check yourself before investing yourself in another person's situation. Ask yourself this question, "Is this MY Karma or theirs?"

It can be very liberating to step back and release a responsibility that was never yours to take!

3. You Create Your Own Karma.

That sentence is going to trigger some of you (or...all of you).

Yes, it is safe to say that some things that happen to us are bigger than us and I do agree that some pain is simply not our fault - but HEALING is our responsibility. We cannot always control what life throws at us but we can control our reactions and how we choose to act in order to overcome these obstacles.


Karma is about BALANCE - What you GIVE is what you GET.

You are not responsible for another person's Karma.

You create your own Karma.

Love + Light,

The Hermit Tarot

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