Are "Divine Counterparts" Too Good To Be True?

Before we begin this blog, I must remind us that we are the creators of our destiny in this lifetime - while I believe in soul contracts, I also believe in free will. Our actions have reactions and no one but ourselves can control our actions.

In my last post, Why You May Not Marry Your Soulmate, we explored different types of soulmate connections, covering the theme that not every soulmate is platonic, which is why you may not marry your *first* soulmate. Following this analogy, is the theory that there are some souls who have specifically chosen to reincarnate with us in this lifetime to be a major part of our journey.

There is the theory that out of the many souls you encounter in your lifetime, you will also encounter 'The One' whom you may marry. This theory is that we are each incarnated on this Earth with a Divine Counterpart - someone who was 'created' to be our partner in this life.

Are Divine Counterparts real?

Although I personally believe in this concept, I was curious about what each of you thought...

In an Instagram survey, 94% of you said you believe in 'Divine Counterparts' with only 6% saying 'No'.

One user even responded with, 'Yes but they may not always be alive or in the same place at the same time'.


And while my pessimistic Capricorn-Sun ego wanted to dwell on this idea that my Divine Counterpart is lost in another timeline, my Gemini-Rising soul curiously begged for more information...

This led me to my next questions, Are Divine Counterparts Soulmates or Twin Flames?

Both of these questions offered nearly the same results:

So, What Are Divine Counterparts?

Well, the concept of Divine Counterparts seems to be split between many theorists. This Quora post discusses Divine Counterparts as rare souls who mirror our energy rather than share it. Like 2 balanced energies - one predominately feminine, the other predominately masculine. A more familiar concept of this is Yin and Yang.

Another author in this post suggests that Divine Counterparts take on aspects we do not like about ourselves as we discover and mould our personalities through experiences. This theory means that when we finally meet our Divine Counterpart, we are confronted by all the things we have tried to suppress and are faced to accept them in our beloved, as we would have / should have within ourselves. This process also happens in reverse, our Divine Counterpart pushing aspects they don't like about themselves onto us for us to adopt and develop.

This theory suggests that while we are magnetically attracted to our counterpart, we also find them repelling in their behaviour as we are confronted by our 'dislikes', forcing us into a push & pull dynamic of learning to love and accept them and ourselves.

Curiouser, and curiouser...

Well, does EVERYONE have a Divine Counterpart?

Again, this is where many of us seem to be divided; still a vast majority of you voted 'yes'.

My interpretation of a Divine Counterpart is a partner in our lifetime who has chosen to be a major part of our lives and through careful Divine Orchestration (meaning there will be *sometimes many* things out of our control in orchestrating this union).

This personal interpretation leads me to believe that YES:

We do all, in some form or another, have a divinely orchestrated counterpart who has chosen prior to incarnation to be a major part of our life.

So what do you believe?

I believe a Divine Counterpart is simply that - someone who was Divinely orchestrated to be a major part of our lives.

I believe we feel them before we see them; that we 'know' each other long before our eyes have the opportunity to see each other.

I also believe a Divine Counterpart could manifest in a Soulmate as equally as a Twin Flame...

Soulmate energies are offered to aid us in our healing journey, becoming very integral roles in our healing, standing by our side when we need them until we may not need them anymore.

Where a 'standard' soulmate contract may expire as the terms have been met, a Divine Counterpart would stay, conditional that they continue to grow as much as we do in this joint union through life. A Divine Counterpart Soulmate would challenge us and nurture us *expecting the same from us*, by our side for the whole ride...

Twin Flames, on the other hand, are essentially the same soul reincarnated into 2 bodies, sharing and mirroring energy as dual counterparts. Encountering your Twin in the physical world triggers many challenges, predominately within the ego (how you see yourself and how you wish others to see you) as your souls are forced to face their truths.

A Twin Flame connection inevitably faces a separation period - usually when you need them / crave them most, they leave. And while reunion is possible in Twin Flame connections, it is reliant on the fact that you both want this to work. A Divine Counterpart Twin Flame would require us to be challenged and nurture ourselves, reliant on the other doing the same in order for union to be possible.

I believe that regardless of the label of Soulmate or Twin Flame, a Divine Counterpart is certainly an iteration of our 'other half'.

We may not need them but our soul will want for them. We may not have met them but our soul will crave for them.

And I believe that is how you know you may have one - you will 'meet' them long before you *physically* meet them. Their soul will intertwine with yours through dreams, through imagination and through visualisation (daydreams).

But of course, this is only a theory...

Despite my pessimistic, realistically fragmented mind, I firmly believe there is somebody out there for everybody.

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Love + Light,

The Hermit Tarot

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