The Art Of Surrendering

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The Art of Surrendering is not as complicated as we like to think it is. It is another tool we can use to manifest our dreams and goals into our reality.

"Hold On" by Alabama Shakes - The unofficial theme song for surrendering to what you cannot control and taking responsibility for what you can.

I feel that many of us struggle with the concept of surrendering because we think that we need to lose something in order to do it - This Is NOT True!

Surrendering is about refocussing our energy - accepting what we cannot control, taking responsibility of what we can control and being proactive towards our goals.

Below are some helpful points on how to master the Art of Surrendering, as well as how it can be used to aid your manifestation.



Often, when we are being called to surrender it is because a certain situation is taking so much of our energy that other areas of our lives are now lacking. This is not to say that the main issue that has you feeling confused and uncertain about your future isn’t as important as the other things. It’s simply to say that worrying and stressing about this particular issue right now is not going to assist you in your journey.

It is important that you assess your life as a whole -

What Are You Ignoring? Where Could You Be Focussing MORE Of Your Energy?

Do not clutter your life by incorporating more meaningless distractions.

You are being called to surrender because there are other important areas of your life to focus on right now...


Accepting that there is only so much you can humanly do at any given moment. It is about accepting that you cannot control other people‘s actions, behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Accepting that you cannot control other people's choices means you must also take responsibility of your own choices.

It’s about knowing that the energy you put in to your present is influencing and creating the reality of your future. It’s about taking responsibility of your own future, your own happiness and what you know in your heart that you deserve.

Acceptance is also about understanding how your actions in the past have led to your present circumstances. Following this formula, we are then able to understand and accept how our present actions can influence our future...


This ties into my last point about accepting what we can and cannot control - While we cannot control the future and we cannot change the past, we can focus on our present, knowing that the choices we make right now influence our future.

We can choose to create moments of joy and happiness in our present, reminding ourselves that we are constantly creating our own karma. Surrendering is about being proactive, acknowledging the areas of your life that are lacking and formulating proactive plans on how to build those areas into strengths.

Which brings me to my MOST important point:


Surrendering is about understanding how unrealistic and unfair it is to expect all of your happiness to come from one person or one outcome.

It is about knowing that no matter how hard you try, you cannot make anyone else truly happy unless they want that happiness for themselves. From this knowledge we understand that nobody can truly make us happy unless we are capable of being happy for ourselves.

By instigating often small moments of joy in our present, we are not only staying focussed on what we can control, we are also raising our vibration.

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Surrendering is an ongoing, non-linear process that requires constant monitoring and reviewing.

It is important to be patient with yourself and to understand that as a human being, you are going to have momentary lapses instigated by fear, doubt and general impatience.

As a human being, it is only natural to question the divine process and the things we don’t understand things, we don’t see - things our intuition is guiding us to acknowledge.

Struggling to come to terms with this is only natural.

It is important to be patient with yourself and to allow yourself to have those days when you do feel down and when you aren’t 100% “love, light and happiness”.

It is only natural to have those days when your body needs to rest and when you have to allow yourself the time to experience the heavier aspects of your circumstances. This isn’t a sign of weakness, this isn’t a sign of defeat. It is the physical, emotional and spiritual need to rest, rejuvenate and appreciate how far you’ve come.

Surrendering is about accepting what you can and cannot control, taking responsibility for what you can, making proactive movement towards your goals, taking ownership of your happiness and reminding yourself that your journey is non-linear - You are allowed to have down days and no matter what happens right now, tomorrow is a new day to create the reality that you deserve.

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